Monday, March 25, 2013

Here is something special for southeast Iowa

Hi Folks - thanks so much for all you to do to support local arts. Here is a rare opportunity to get in on the first year of what we hope will become a major event. I really hope you join me at this show! Please DO give me a shout if you have questions. Of course, I'd appreciate it if you would share this opportunity with artists of all mediums looking for a great show to start their spring show season with a ... , well, with a SPRING!

  • Art on the Lake /Lake Rathbun is a new spring show, patterned after the highly-successful, artist-supportive fall show Art on the Prairie /Perry
  • Need clay artists!
  • $50 low booth fee
  • $69 luxury resort overnight VERY discounted for artists
  • 2013 is our first show - artist feedback from this show will help shape future shows in the series. You will make a difference~
  • 45 minutes from Fairfield, Art on the Lake artists will get a break on Fairfield Art Walk booth fees
Thanks for listening, friends!

Ruth Brail-Freeman
Fortune favors the bold.
Sweat is good!
Kindness wins the day~

Monday, March 18, 2013

Country Crafters Spotlight Craft Show Listings for March

Here is a video of our crafters, vendors and local businesses that took part in the craft show on March 9th in Sully. You could be on of these or you could get the coupons by signing up for our monthly news letter at