Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hi! everyone we are working on a new journey over here a the Country Crafters Spotlight. Our family is an Allis Chalmers family and we love our tractors and toys. So we have started a new adventure in the T-shirt and Merchandise for the AC lovers. We attend tractor and toy shows and have add a few things that are Allis Chalmers to our list. So please follow along with us and we go down this new road of adventure.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

We Are Back!!!!

Country Crafters Spotlight is back with a new look and new floor plan. We are here to show and sale our crafts that we make. We have been busy making many different items and are adding to our list. Please share our facebook page and website with your family and friends. Also share with us what you are crafting.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bentley Update 7/9/2013

Update on Bentley, I got to bring him home last Monday, but last week was a very busy week for me with the holiday. He was not able to pee on his own or can not walk using his back legs. So we are having to do that for him. But each day his is improving. I think he is starting to feel some pain and we both think he has moved his back legs. But do not want to get ahead of ourselves with this. You can still go to the website to make a donation and to get your name in on the denim rag quilt that we are giving a way to one lucky donation winner. Thank you for all that you have done. Will post some new pics of him soon.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bentley's Raffel


UPDATE 6/25/2013
talked with the doctor yesterday and they moved him to rehab and are working on messaging his legs, trying to get him to eat, and hopping he will start to get movement and pain in his back legs soon. I am heading up later to take him some food and they are going to teach me what to do for him. Hoping to bring him on early next week.

Hello! I am Bentley and I am a dachshund that ruptured a disc in my back Saturday June 22, 2013 and my mom and dad took me to the doctor who then sent me to Iowa State University Veterinary Medical Center where they  operated on me, to help me to be able to walk again. Because when my disc went out I lost the ability to move my back legs. My mom is a crafter and she is making a denim rag quilt that is she is holding a raffle to help get the money that it is going to help pay for my surgery. I am grateful that my mom and dad decide that I meant more to them then just putting me down. So I am asking you to please help me to get the money to pay my medical bills by purchasing a $2 raffle by going to   to get your raffle ticket. My mom will also post updates on my recovery. Thank you for all of your help. Please say a prayer for me if you will.

Here is picture of a Denim rag quilt my mom made.
The one she is raffling off will be like this one and
 the size will be between a full and queen.
 Thank you for your help!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Here is something special for southeast Iowa

Hi Folks - thanks so much for all you to do to support local arts. Here is a rare opportunity to get in on the first year of what we hope will become a major event. I really hope you join me at this show! Please DO give me a shout if you have questions. Of course, I'd appreciate it if you would share this opportunity with artists of all mediums looking for a great show to start their spring show season with a ... , well, with a SPRING!

  • Art on the Lake /Lake Rathbun is a new spring show, patterned after the highly-successful, artist-supportive fall show Art on the Prairie /Perry
  • Need clay artists!
  • $50 low booth fee
  • $69 luxury resort overnight VERY discounted for artists
  • 2013 is our first show - artist feedback from this show will help shape future shows in the series. You will make a difference~
  • 45 minutes from Fairfield, Art on the Lake artists will get a break on Fairfield Art Walk booth fees
Thanks for listening, friends!

Ruth Brail-Freeman
Fortune favors the bold.
Sweat is good!
Kindness wins the day~

Monday, March 18, 2013

Country Crafters Spotlight Craft Show Listings for March

Here is a video of our crafters, vendors and local businesses that took part in the craft show on March 9th in Sully. You could be on of these or you could get the coupons by signing up for our monthly news letter at

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Country Crafters Spotlight: Thanksgivings Greeting!!

Country Crafters Spotlight: Thanksgivings Greeting!!: Here at Country Crafters Spotlight, we are thankful for all the very special crafters that we have on our website and would like to invi...