Monday, March 25, 2013

Here is something special for southeast Iowa

Hi Folks - thanks so much for all you to do to support local arts. Here is a rare opportunity to get in on the first year of what we hope will become a major event. I really hope you join me at this show! Please DO give me a shout if you have questions. Of course, I'd appreciate it if you would share this opportunity with artists of all mediums looking for a great show to start their spring show season with a ... , well, with a SPRING!

  • Art on the Lake /Lake Rathbun is a new spring show, patterned after the highly-successful, artist-supportive fall show Art on the Prairie /Perry
  • Need clay artists!
  • $50 low booth fee
  • $69 luxury resort overnight VERY discounted for artists
  • 2013 is our first show - artist feedback from this show will help shape future shows in the series. You will make a difference~
  • 45 minutes from Fairfield, Art on the Lake artists will get a break on Fairfield Art Walk booth fees
Thanks for listening, friends!

Ruth Brail-Freeman
Fortune favors the bold.
Sweat is good!
Kindness wins the day~

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