Monday, October 29, 2012

We Reached 900 likes on FaceBook!!!

Ok, we reached 900 likes on Facebook!! Thank you to very one who has liked us and helping to be a big part of our sucess. We would like to share this sucess with all of our followers and and to all who have not yet joined our crafters. If you have not signed up to join our crafters on our website we would like for you to do that now and we will be have a special section to celibrate this sucess. Everyone please email us your contact info, your logo, 10 product items with discription and pricing. we will have it all up by Wedensday and we will be sharing it on our blog, website, facebook, twitter and google1. So let share and celibrate together. Share this post and you will also get a banner ad (email to
Here is the form (copy and fill it out and email back with what we need and we will add you on our website and we will also do a write up about you to put in the e-magazine, but we must have 300 words about you)
 Country Crafters Spotlight
Please read before you fill this out
This form most be filled and returned intact. All information must be filled out in full in order to be placed on the website. If this form is not completed we can not put you on the site. We must have a complete contact record of information and all private information will stay in house. We do not sell your information. You must give us complete links to your website, email, facebook and any other website you are providing us with. We are here to help you get coverage of your product and need your help to keep the recorders department happy and to provide you with fast service of you advertising placement. Thank you for your cooperation.
1) Tell us how referred you:
2) Please pick one category:

Bags and Purses              
Bath and Beauty
Ceramics and Pottery      
Dolls and Miniatures        
Everything Else
Paper Goods                      


                1) Contact information: MUST BE FILLED OUT IN FULL
For Office Use ONLY:(Private information stays in house)MUST HAVE ALL
Name: Company Name:
City: State: Zip:
Country: Phone:
For the Advertisment: (leave blank if you do not want it to be seen)
(Must have)Company Name:
City: State: Zip:
(Must Have) Email:
(The more the information you provide about your business and product the better the write up will be.)
                2) Description of your product (craft) (200 words)
3) Tell us about how you got started or why you like making the product (craft item) that you do. (200 words)
4) Do you have future plans for your crafting business. (200 words)
5) Email: This form, 10 pictures of your product with description and price, your logo if you have one, a picture of your self.
6) Like us on Facebook!
The Country Crafters Spotlight is strictly used for vendor advertising purposes. Therefore, The Country Crafters Spotlight can not, and will not, be held liable for any transactions, products, and/or services purchased from any vender that advertises on our website. Any and all products, and/or services, are purchased from each individual vender and any disputes must be filed with those venders in which the transaction took place.

Thank you!


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