Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Country Crafters Spotlight: Thanksgivings Greeting!!

Country Crafters Spotlight: Thanksgivings Greeting!!: Here at Country Crafters Spotlight, we are thankful for all the very special crafters that we have on our website and would like to invi...

Thanksgivings Greeting!!

Here at Country Crafters Spotlight, we are thankful for all the very special crafters that we have on our website and would like to invite all of those crafters who have not yet joined us to do so now.

Please share with us why you are thankful.

Monday, October 29, 2012

We Reached 900 likes on FaceBook!!!

Ok, we reached 900 likes on Facebook!! Thank you to very one who has liked us and helping to be a big part of our sucess. We would like to share this sucess with all of our followers and and to all who have not yet joined our crafters. If you have not signed up to join our crafters on our website we would like for you to do that now and we will be have a special section to celibrate this sucess. Everyone please email us your contact info, your logo, 10 product items with discription and pricing. we will have it all up by Wedensday and we will be sharing it on our blog, website, facebook, twitter and google1. So let share and celibrate together. Share this post and you will also get a banner ad (email to
Here is the form (copy and fill it out and email back with what we need and we will add you on our website and we will also do a write up about you to put in the e-magazine, but we must have 300 words about you)
 Country Crafters Spotlight
Please read before you fill this out
This form most be filled and returned intact. All information must be filled out in full in order to be placed on the website. If this form is not completed we can not put you on the site. We must have a complete contact record of information and all private information will stay in house. We do not sell your information. You must give us complete links to your website, email, facebook and any other website you are providing us with. We are here to help you get coverage of your product and need your help to keep the recorders department happy and to provide you with fast service of you advertising placement. Thank you for your cooperation.
1) Tell us how referred you:
2) Please pick one category:

Bags and Purses              
Bath and Beauty
Ceramics and Pottery      
Dolls and Miniatures        
Everything Else
Paper Goods                      


                1) Contact information: MUST BE FILLED OUT IN FULL
For Office Use ONLY:(Private information stays in house)MUST HAVE ALL
Name: Company Name:
City: State: Zip:
Country: Phone:
For the Advertisment: (leave blank if you do not want it to be seen)
(Must have)Company Name:
City: State: Zip:
(Must Have) Email:
(The more the information you provide about your business and product the better the write up will be.)
                2) Description of your product (craft) (200 words)
3) Tell us about how you got started or why you like making the product (craft item) that you do. (200 words)
4) Do you have future plans for your crafting business. (200 words)
5) Email: This form, 10 pictures of your product with description and price, your logo if you have one, a picture of your self.
6) Like us on Facebook!
The Country Crafters Spotlight is strictly used for vendor advertising purposes. Therefore, The Country Crafters Spotlight can not, and will not, be held liable for any transactions, products, and/or services purchased from any vender that advertises on our website. Any and all products, and/or services, are purchased from each individual vender and any disputes must be filed with those venders in which the transaction took place.

Thank you!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Blue Braging, Check it out!


Crafty Kitty Crochet

Feeling "blue"? Let this mega cute amigurumi baby elephant cheer you up! This little guy is soft and snuggly, which makes him perfect as a children's toy. It would also make a great gift item for an adult who loves elephants and animals. And how about the perfect baby shower gift for someone who is expecting a boy?! You can't go wrong with this cutie!

This elephant measures 12" long, 5" tall, and about 6.5" wide - perfect size for children's play! He is made with very soft baby yarn in a bright, beautiful shade of baby blue. The ears are accented with a dusty pink color. This little sweetie is ideal for just about anyone in your life - kids of all ages! Hurry and order yours now to get it as soon as possible!

***NOTE: Any items intended for children should only be used under adult supervision at all times.

Please note that custom orders can take between 1-2 weeks to complete - please contact me for more information as order completion time will depend on my current schedule. I look forward to crocheting this amigurumi elephant for you soon!

(Texas residents are subject to 8.25% sales tax)


Twitter: @craftykitty89


Tiger Swallowtail butterfly decorative ceramic tile coaster, trivet, spoon rest titled Aurora’s Aria. Aurora is the goddess of the dawn, renewing herself every morning by flying across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun.

A mesmerizing Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly geometric kaleidoscope design printed on a 4 ¼ in x 4 ¼ inch decorative ceramic tile with acrylic protective coating. The underside of the tile has four felt protective pads, one in each corner. Tile is approx. 1/8" thick and weighs approx 4 oz. Use this functional tile as a coaster, trivet , spoon rest or place in a easel for home décor. The possibilities are ENDLESS! Order several as a backsplash or bathroom décor. You can special order any background color you wish!

If a butterfly crosses your path, it means good luck. In the Japanese culture butterflies are thought to be representative of young maidens and marital bliss. In ancient Greek the word for butterfly is "Psyche", which translated means "soul". Butterflies also symbolize: Resurrection, Transition, Celebration, Lightness, Time, Soul. Symmetry is another manifestation of the balance of Yin and Yang, of the unimpeded flow of ch'i.

I welcome and encourage you to special order any of my designs in any of my products listed! I have over 100 designs. View all of my design in my online gallery:!__gallery

My designs start with one of my photographs. I am compelled to immortalize and transform Mother Nature’s awesome creations into images of mesmerizing symmetry through kaleidoscope photo art.

I take photos that have varying texture, shapes and colors, digitally crop different angles and reassemble the crops together to create a seamless kaleidoscope photo. One photo can create numerous kaleidoscopes because each cut creates a different geometrical pattern. The finished product can create a pattern that is difficult to recognize the original photo or can enhance the subject of the original photo. This is all done freehand! This is not a result of an automatic program. Automatic programs will distort the subject. My process is unique as it allows me to isolate my subject and kaleidoscope everything else around it. Why you ask? Why turn my photography into kaleidoscope designs? Good question....the only explanation I have is this is what I is simply my twisted imagination!

Oh yes one other thing.....if you run across a math teacher from Michigan...please oh please don’t tell him or her what I am doing. He or she might be one of my former teachers. If they knew what I was doing I would not live it see...I HATE MATH! I pouted, cried and whined all through school about math...and what I do is basic geometry. I would never hear the end of “I told you so” or “See I knew if you set your mind to it you would learn math”. Let’s keep this my little secret!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Meet Some Great Crafters

Here are some crafters that you will find on Facebook. Please take a look at the creativity that is here.

1.      Pretty Glassy's

'Christmas Angel' Large Sun catcher in the style of 'Anne Stokes'... hand painted and 7" diam with lead rim and metal hanging chain.. OOAK £20 inc p&p



  1. Creativity Gone Crazy

This is the 'everything' bracelet. It's $8. My Facebook page is thank you!


  1. You and Me Kid Boutique

We are making adorable headbands with flowers and bows and we can custom make anything you can imagine. We also offer crochet hats and TuTu's!!!




  1. Care-it Creations

Girly Frankenstein Hat 15.00 (reminds me of Abby from CSI



5.      Kooky Critters

Welcome to Kooky Critters!! Thanks for stopping by - the Critters and I are happy to see you! We love custom orders; if there is something special

Our personalized tooth fairy Critters are $21 + shipping.



All hand made Items, Come Check out my new hand painted sign, Just love it, it was hard to give up :) I am in the process in making more, stayed tuned to Cougar Custom Designs

 This is all hand painted, can be personalized! $30-$45 depending on size



7. LMackeyCreations

Here is one of the many mobiles that I create, all priced at $50.

These hanging mobiles look great from all angles -- gazing at eye level or from underneath the mobile. Each orb is individually crafted with




my unique magnetic interchangeable jewelry designs!

Welcome to Clix(TM) by Studio66! We are the inventors of Clix(TM) magnetic interchangeable jewelry. Our uniquely designed jewelry features zinc alloy






Hand Decorated and Personlized Crafts/Special 
Order/Unique/One Of A Kind!!! Wood, Ceramic, Glass ect!!!

Hand Painted Wooden Frames and Mirrors. Specializing in Personliazation. I take ...unfinished wooden Frames and Mirrors and decorate them using paint, stickers, stencils, jewels, and glitter.



i've been busy!!!!
fabric not felt!

11. miss millie

lot of 5 badges $6US on
etsy. email
I can also design custom badges.

I will send you 5 badges picked at random from my collection. the collection includes ones that are not in the picture as well, so its purely pot

If you would like to join some of these great crafters on our website please email us at


12.   Crafty Kitty Crochet
       Thank you so much for the opportunity to have listings featured on your sites!
 This play food set is $60:
Playtime has never been more fun! This adorable amigurumi play food set is huge - it includes eighteen pieces of play food that are highly
Twitter: @craftykitty89


Thursday, September 27, 2012

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Country Crafters Spotlight has a very special offer to all of those crafters out there who would like to upgrade your listing with us or who are not yet apart of our crafting family. For $20 you will have the full listing oppertunity on our website for the year (a savings of $100). You will also get a specail listing on our Online Craft Show that will be live Oct 10 - 24. But the best news is that $10 of the fee will  go to Breast Cancer Awareness. We will also put your business button on our blog for the year. If you do not have a button we will create it for $1 and that will go to the Breast Cancer Awareness as well.

Please help us, with the fight against Breast Cancer. Email us at to get signed up or to upgrade. Thank you! In loving memory of all of those who have fought or are fighting Breast Cancer (remembering Mom Ruth)


Come on over and meet some of crafters!

We would like to share our crafters with you. Please come over to our "Meat our Crafters" page and click on a link to see what they have to offer. Make sure you tell them Country Crafters Spotlight sent me over.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Join our Crafter for a full year for Only $20

Good Thurday morning, hope all is going well with everyone. I have been sick for the last few days and I am now feeling much better and would like to share that feeling with everyone. So for the next 24 hours, for every crafter that would like to join Country Crafters Spotlight and be featured on our website and in the E-Magazine you can get a full year for only $20 that is a total savings of $100. Here is what you will get 1) 10 items to showcase with discription and price (can change each month) 2) your logo 3) discription of what you do 4) a company listing in each months e-magazine 5) write up about you and your crafter to be featured in the e-magazine. Just responde to this posting. Have a Great Day Everyone!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Country Crafters Spotlight E-Magazine July 2012 Issue

Country Crafters Spotlight E-Magazine July Issue is out, if you did not get your issue let me know. Thank you have a great evening.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Looking for Iowa Crafters

We would like to know how many crafters there are in Iowa and what kind of craft do you do? We will pick 2 Lucky Iowa Craters to receive a FREE months listing on our website from all that reply. Please send us an email to or reply to this listing. Thank you!

Monday, July 9, 2012

We are looking for Crafters who would like to join our crafters and be displayed on our website. We have a special package for one crafter who fits into one of our catagories,

Art, Bags and Purses, Bath and Beauty, Candles, Cards, Ceramics and Pottery, Clothing, Crochet                        Drawings, Dolls and Miniatures, Ducktape, Everything Else, Food, Furniture, Glass, Jewelry, Kids, Knitting, Metal
Needlecraft, Paper Goods, Pets, Photography, Sewing, Quilts, Woodworking, Unique

If you fit and you are the first for lucky crafter for that catagory, Here is what you will get

1) Listing with 10 items, your logo, contact information, description of your craft and business
2)Large Banner on the catagory that fits you, for one full month (with Live link to your website)
3) A write up in the August Issue with a Full Page Ad.

All of this for only $10. email us at

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Artist Wanted

We are looking for an artist who would like to join our crafters and be displayed on our website. We have a special package for a luck artist. Here is what you will get

1) Listing with 10 items, your logo, contact information, description of your craft and business
2)Large Banner on our Art Page (with Live link to your website)
3) A write up in the August Issue with a Full Page Ad.

All of this for only $10. email us at

Friday, July 6, 2012

Check out some of our Crafters

If you are not yet on of our crafters that are featured on our website and in our E-Magazine you need to check this out. This is just one of the things that we do for our crafters.

FREE E-Magazine

Hello, Everyone, we made some changes over here at the Country Crafters Spotlight and the big one is the E-Magazine is FREE to very one, you just need to sign up for it and we will send it out to you. Be sure to share this with your friends and family. You want want to miss it. Please go to the website and sign up so you will receive the July issue this week.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Come On Over to Our Online Craft Show

HA! Everyone, don't forget to go over and see The Country Crafters Spotlight Online Craft Show and get your FREE June Issue of our E-Magazine, filled with crafters from around the world, helpful hints, recipes and more. Thank you and enjoy!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Memorial Weekend Almost

Good afternoon everyone, Memorial Day weekend is almost here. Not only is the holiday, but it is also our anniversary and my birthday. Instead of receiving a gift I would like to give one. I am giving everyone who shares this post and likes it a 1/4 page ad in the June Issue. Crafter, vendor, vintage, upcycle or antique. Plus, I will pick one lucky winner to be upgraded to the Back Cover. This issue will be given to every person who come over to our ONLINE CRAFT SHOW JUNE 8-10, So you will have a lot of lookers. Who will be the big winner? Winner to be announce May 28th. So you have until then to share, the more you share the better.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Country Crafters Spotlight: Online Craft Show?

The Country Crafters Spotlight: Online Craft Show?: Hello every one, we have a poll that we would like your thoughts on. 1)Would you like to take part in an online craft show? 2)Would you g...

Online Craft Show?

Hello every one, we have a poll that we would like your thoughts on.

1)Would you like to take part in an online craft show?
2)Would you go (to the website) to an online Craft Show

Please tell us your thoughts, this would be a special event that would be adv.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Meet Kristina Abesamis One of Our Crafters

Kristina Abesamis

Company Name: KOPACETIK  

Address: 7155 Kingsway PO BOX 54581

City: Burnab               State: BC               Zip: V5E 1E0                                     

Hand-made designs of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bags By Hags

Handmade purses from recycled denim, tote bags, beach bags, aprons, and home accessories all handmade by me. Most of my patterns are One of A Kind ( I do not repeat fabric patterns unless custom order is placed)

New Craft Show Page

We would like to invite all of the Craft Shows through out the US to post their Craft Show with us at not cost. All we ask is that you display a flier or handout about us at your craft show.

Please send us the following information:
Craft Show Name
Both Cost:
Contact Person:

Please email your information to  subject: CRAFT SHOW

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vintage & Upcycle Page

The Country Crafters Spotlight would like to invite all those Vintage and Upcycle stores/websites to advertise their website with us! The cost is $50 for a year, and you will receive a 125 x 125 px banner ad on the website and in the E-magazine. We would be happy to create the banner and ad at no extra cost to you!

We have an opening for the first 4 Vintage or Upcycle stores that sign by April 30th, 2012. For those 4 lucky store owners, you will receive a FREE 1/2 Page Ad in the May Issue. We must have your form by the 30th.

Who will have these 4 spots? Can't wait to see!!

Special Featured Ads Each Month

We will be having a "Special Featured Ads" section in the e-magazine each month. Here is the list for the following months

May - crochet/knitting
June - photography
July - flowers
Aug - bath/beauty
Sept - ceramics/pottery
Oct - drawing
Nov - candles
Dec - jewelry

For each of these month, every crafter who fits that months featured ads page, will receive a business card size ad that will be in that special section of the magazine.

So if you are a crafter who does crochetting or knitting please fill out a form and have it to us by April 30th, to receive your FREE Business Card Size Ad in the May Issue.

We look forward to receiving your information.

Thank you

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sponsoring our Craft Show Page

Lotus Moments Event Center hosts the most fabulous weddings, vendor shows, fundraiser events, and more! Check out the Des Moines Register’s food section on April 11 for a feature article regarding our upcoming event, Food Feud for A Cause. Many local vendors have contributed to the three non-profits competing for the honor of sponsoring the winning chef and will be there to support the cause. Join the fun by calling Renatta at 515-333-4626.

Celebrities from all over Des Moines are coming together to have a great time and support three amazing charities in Lotus Moments Event Center’s Food Feud for a Cause April 22nd from 12-4. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Vendors will be on hand to contribute to the fun: a battle of the chefs for the honor of Charity Champ Chef and an Italian themed lunch served by the competing chefs. Join the fun by calling Renatta at 515-333-4626.

Facebook page link:

Friday, April 13, 2012

WCM Metal Works

Custom Plasma Cutting & Metal Fabricating
Fire Rings, Garden Planters, Signs of any size,
Yard Art, ANY name, team, theme, design possible, ANY size